Integrated System of electronic identification

The integrated system of electronic identification ID.GOV.UA (ISEI) is an information and telecommunication system, which is designed for technological provision of its users with convenient, accessible and secure electronic identification and authentication, compatibility and integration of electronic identification schemes, their interaction with official websites, information systems of public authorities, local governments, legal entities, and individuals - entrepreneurs, provision of information and personal data security using uniform requirements, formats, protocols, and classifiers, as well as meeting other needs defined by legislation.

Functioning and use of ISEI is determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”, Regulations on Integrated Electronic Identification System, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 19, 2019 № 546 (with amendments), other regulations of electronic identification.

ISEI users are individuals and legal entities, individuals - entrepreneurs who access the information and telecommunications systems of the subjects of interaction and undergo electronic identification through the system using electronic identification, the operation of which is provided by the system, and those who in the manner defined by law gave permission for the processing of their personal data.

ISEI is an integral part of the information and telecommunication infrastructure, which provides electronic interaction of the subjects of interaction with the users of the system and provides:

The subjects of ISEI interaction are:

The objects of ISEI interaction are:


As of today, ISEI has integrated:

7 Electronic identification schemes

20 Providers of electronic trust services

14 BankID service providers

3 Mobile ID service provider

130 Systems connected to ISEI for authentication

71 Systems connected to ISEI to create and verify a qualified electronic signature

ISEI operates around the clock seven days a week.

Connecting to ISEI is a quick way to implement the authentication service for users of your systems. At the same time, you do not need to worry about updating the software of the authentication service and connecting new electronic identification tools that appear on the market of Ukraine. All this is taken care of by the holder of ISEI - the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the technical administrator of ISEI - SE "DIIA".

For quick integration with ISEI, we propose to conclude a Model Agreement on joining the integrated electronic identification system.

The Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance of the duly completed Application for Accession to this Agreement, signed by a qualified electronic signature of the authorized person on behalf of the legal entity and sent to the Ministry.

So take three simple steps to the result:

1) Get acquainted with the terms of the Model Agreement on joining the integrated electronic identification system;

2) Fill in, sign the Application for joining with the help of a qualified electronic signature and send it to us;

3) Obtain the necessary instructions from the ISEI's technical administrator for connection.