System of Electronic Interaction of State Electronic Information Resources

System of Electronic Interaction of State Electronic Information Resources, also the system of interoperability in Ukraine, or simply the "Trembita", is a modern organizational and technical solution that allows building secure information interdepartmental interactions of state bodies and local self-government bodies via the Internet by exchanging electronic messages between their information systems.

Trembita is one of the key elements of the infrastructure for providing electronic services to citizens and businesses, which provides convenient, unified access to data from state registers.

The Trembita system is based on the advanced Estonian data exchange platform X-ROAD, which is the foundation of the Estonian digital society.

The functioning and operation of the Trembita system is governed by regulations that define the organizational and technical conditions for ensuring electronic information interaction.

Main characteristics of "Trembita"

  • Decentralized: The "Trembita" system is a fully distributed fault-tolerant system. Its use does not involve centralizing data and changing data ownership.
  • Obtaining access to the data of state registers by various institutions in accordance with the granted powers, which, in turn, increases the quality of providing electronic public services to citizens and businesses.
  • Easy unified creation of interactions between information systems, as it uses a single set of rules and formats.
  • Resistance to failures due to decentralized installation of components and data exchange directly between participants without passing through intermediate nodes.
  • High level of security thanks to digital signature and encryption of all transmitted data, as well as event logging, control of access to web services and measures to counter denial-of-service attacks.

Participants of the Trembita system

Participants of the Trembita system are public authorities, local governments and business entities that can use it in accordance with the requirements of:

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