State Enterprise «DIIA»


Integrated System of electronic identification

Universal platform for e-identification and user authentication. With the ISEI you can conveniently and securely fulfill electronic identification through electronic signatures (on file, cloud or other secure media, using MobileID) and BankID NBU.

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Qualified provider of electronic trust services "Diia"

Qualified provider of electronic trust services "Diia" provides qualified electronic trust services for various categories of users: government agencies, legal entities of all forms of ownership, individuals, notaries, lawyers, arbitration trustees, private executors, appraisers, land managers and other business entities.

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Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services "Diia"

The Portal Diia is intended to implement the right of everyone to access electronic services and information on administrative and other public services, appeals to executive authorities, other state bodies, local self- government bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, and to obtain information from national electronic information resources, which necessary for the provision of services, as well as for monitoring and evaluating the quality of services.

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The Central Certification Authority

The administrator of the information and telecommunication system of the central certification body provides technical and technological support for the performance of the functions of the central certification body, which is the main body in the system of central executive bodies, which ensures the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of electronic trust services.

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Software Complex for Automation of Administrative Service Centers "Vulyk"

Information system for increasing the accessibility, quality and speed of service by administrative service centers by switching to processing applications in electronic form and simplified interaction with state registers in real time.

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System of Electronic Interaction of Executive Authorities (SEI EA)

A web-oriented computer platform designed to automate the processes of creating, sending, receiving, storing and processing electronic documents between executive authorities in order to increase the efficiency of management decision-making and gradually transition to an exclusively electronic document flow.

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System of Electronic Interaction of State Electronic Information Resources "Trembita"

Information and telecommunications system that allows building secure information interdepartmental interactions via Internet between public authorities, local governments and business entities through the exchange of encrypted electronic messages between their information systems.

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National Register of Electronic Information Resources (NREIR)

The state repository, created to record all state electronic resources, as well as information systems that ensure their functioning and use information from them. NREIR is intended to standardize the list of information in state databases and prevent the creation of duplicates of information about objects of state registration.

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Open Data Web Portal

The unified state web portal of open data is intended to provide access to public information in the form of open data with the possibility of its subsequent use for any purposes with a mandatory reference to the source of information.

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