Integrator and his role in IS "Vulyk"

An integrator is a person who implements the information system "Vulyk" in a specific ASC, including setting up administrative services and user management of the corresponding ASC.

What are the actions of the ASC integrator after logging in?

Editing ASC info

  • Filling out info about ASC - entering detailed information about it in its IS "Vulyk" account:
    • address;
    • geographic coordinates of the building;
    • phone number;
    • phone number of Head of the ASC;
    • e-mail;
    • website;
    • schedule.
  • Creation of the accounts of administrator and head of the ASC by filling the required fields in the ASC info (name, phone number, e-mail). After account creation each employee will receive an e-mail with the link to log in using QES.


  • Addition of the list of services provided by ASC. These can be added in several ways, which are described in detail in the integrator's manual (“Reference guide”).
  • Addition of the list of entities providing administrative services (EPAS).
  • Forming connections between services and EPAS.
  • Creation of registration logs.