Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services "Diia"

The Regulation on the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 4, 2019 № 1137 (the Regulation) stipulates that the Portal Diia is intended to implement the right of everyone to access electronic services and information on administrative and other public services, appeals to executive authorities, other state bodies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations (including in comply with the Law of Ukraine “On Citizens' Appeals”), obtaining information on national electronic information resources, which is necessary for the provision of services, as well as for monitoring and evaluation of the quality of services in the cases specified in the Regulation.

Functionalities of the Portal Diia

  1. electronic identification and authentication of users, including with the use of the integrated system of electronic identification, qualified electronic signatures and seals, as well as other means of identification that allow to uniquely identify a person;
  2. use of clear and user-friendly interfaces, including those adapted for the visually impaired persons;
  3. use of the web portal via a computer, as well as with the help of the mobile application of the Portal Diia (Diia) via a smartphone or a tablet;
  4. downloading, filling in and submitting applications and other documents using the web portal software:
    • to executive bodies, other state bodies, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions or organizations belonging to the sphere of their management;
    • to the executors of housing and communal services on the issues of their provision of the specified services, in particular on the installation, maintenance, replacement and verification of metering units;
  5. automatic filling of forms (fields) of documents created by means of web portal software with the information received in the order of interaction from national electronic information resources;
  6. automatic verification of completeness of forms (fields) of documents created with the help of web portal software, presence of grammatical errors in the specified documents, as well as in case the legislation defines an appropriate algorithms of automatic verification - reliability of information provided in such documents;
  7. systematization and search of electronic services (including administrative and other public services) by typical, in particular life situations;
  8. automatic forwarding of appeals belonging to the relevant public authority or official;
  9. morphological search, by part of the word, without taking into account the input register;
  10. classification, codification, search and analysis of web portal information used for monitoring and evaluation of service quality;
  11. interaction between the integrated system of electronic identification, the system of electronic interaction of state electronic information resources and the system of electronic interaction of executive bodies, systems of electronic document management of subjects of consideration of appeals (further - systems of electronic interaction); the ability to obtain through these systems information about service quality indicators;
  12. transmission / reception and processing of information in real time, continuity of the webportal;
  13. delimitation and control of access to information contained on the webportal;
  14. verification of the powers of users and granting them the right to perform certain actions with protected resources (reading, modification, destruction, input of information, etc.);
  15. monitoring of visits; registration of events that occur on the web portal and related to its security; blocking unauthorized actions regarding protected resources and automatically informing the technical administrator about such actions;
  16. provision of information and / or consulting services to users.

In accordance with the Regulation, the holder of the Portal Diia is the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the technical administrator of the Portal is the state enterprise “DIIA”, which belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry.

The Technical Administrator creates, upgrades, develops, administers and ensures the functioning of the Portal Diia, which includes, in particular:

  • technical and technological support of the web portal;
  • engineering, creation, modernization, development, implementation and maintenance of web portal software;
  • purchase of hardware necessary for the operation of the web portal;
  • monitoring the work of the web portal, databases (directories) and information resources connected to it;
  • protection of the web portal, in particular protection of the integrity of its database, hardware and software, reliability of web portal data, protection against unauthorized access, illegal use, illegal copying, distortion, destruction of web portal data, personal data security;
  • granting / blocking access to the web portal to users in the established order;
  • conducting training on filling the web portal, providing information support on how to use it;
  • maintaining directories and classifiers;
  • consideration of proposals (comments) to improve the functioning of the web portal and provide appropriate proposals to the holder.

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