The procedure for obtaining QES

Is it possible to carry out the initial registration procedure remotely?

The applicant must be present in person during the initial registration procedure, according to the Law "On electronic trust services" Art. 22

Is it possible to receive the service by a power of attorney?

On November 7, 2018, the Law of Ukraine of October 5, 2017 № 2155-VIII “On Electronic Trust Services” (hereinafter - the Law № 2155) entered into force. Paragraph 2 of Art. 22 of the Law № 2155 stipulates that the identification of a natural person who applied for the service of forming a qualified public key certificate is subject to his personal presence on the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or other documents that prevent any doubts about the person, according to law on the Unified State Demographic Register and on identity documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine or the special status of the person. Thus, from November 7, 2018, it is impossible to obtain services for the formation of qualified public key certificates by power of attorney (including notarized).

I am abroad. Can I issue a QES remotely online?

If you apply for an electronic signature for the first time, in this case your personal presence is required to identify your person, according to the Law "On electronic trust services" Art. 22