Receive the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) service

How to receive the service?

To receive the service, go to the official website of QTSP "DIIA" at the link: and click "Get the service".

How to extend the validity of the certificate online?

Online renewal of new certificates is available only for those users who have:

  • valid certificates (for example, there are a few days left until the expiration of the certificates);
  • unchanged registration data (name, address, USREOU code, etc.);

If these conditions are met, follow the link: and follow the 4 steps to update.


Before using the online certificate update service, you must shut down all open browsers and applications and restart only one single tab.

Where to receive the service?

You can receive the service in one of the service points, the list of which is posted on the official website at the link: Also, when filling out the form, after clicking the "Order" button, it is possible to select the region, city and service point. It should be noted that the service can be obtained only at the service point that was selected and paid for the service and / or product.

How to make payment for the service?

Is the payment made by an individual?

It is possible to pay for the service: online on the website after filling in the application for registration or in the bank. The payment receipt will be sent to the e-mail in the attachment together with the application for registration.

Is the payment made by a legal entity?

It is possible to pay for services by receipt or by concluding an agreement with the SE "DIIA" (for government agencies) which can be downloaded at the following link: or by concluding an agreement with the Representative Office of "Diia". Forms of agreements of Representative Offices of "Diia" can be obtained by contacting the Representative Office directly, the list of which is available at the link:

If the certificate has expired?

In case of changes in personal data that have occurred since the issuance of the old certificate and / or expiration of the certificate, to obtain a new certificate, the user have to visit personally the representative office of the Provider. The address and contacts of the Provider's service points are available on the official website at the link: