Qualified certificate of electronic signature or seal

Can I change my data in an existing certificate myself?

No, changes to the previous certificate are not allowed. For this purpose you have to contact the Provider for a new key (QES).

How can I print a qualified public key certificate?

With the help of the software ca.diia.gov.ua/download-all "IIT User CSK-1"

After downloading and installing the Program you need:

  1. in the Programs menu, click the "View of certificates" link;
  2. from the list of certificates you need to select your certificate or add it using the "Import" button;
  3. click on the selected certificate by double-clicking the left mouse button, select "Details";
  4. in the window that appears, right-click and select "Print".

What is the validity period of a qualified public key certificate?

The validity of the certificate is up to 2 years. You can get a new public key certificate in advance, before the certificate expires. The certificate will be valid for the next period and so on as long as you use the services of the Provider.

What is a "qualified public key certificate"? What is it needed for?

Qualified public key certificate - a public key certificate issued by a qualified trust services provider, a certification center or a central certification authority and meets the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On electronic trust services". This certificate is used to identify the signer of the electronic document. It should be noted that a qualified certificate is not a private key and can be transferred between the subjects of electronic document management. It is not possible to impose a qualified electronic signature using only a qualified public key certificate.

How to find a certificate?

Certificates can be found on the official website of QTSP "Diia" at the link: ca.diia.gov.ua/certificates-search