What is a token?

The token is a compact USB device that stores key information about the owner of the electronic signature and keys. It protects personal data from copying or alteration by attackers and is used to identify the owner.

The token looks like a flash drive or a smart card (plastic card with a chip). For example, devices Almaz-1K, Crystal-1, etc.

To use the token on ID.GOV.UA, select the "Token" section and read the key:

  1. Connect your token via USB port (if it is a flash drive) or use a special information reader (if it is a smart card).
  2. Select from the list your e-trust provider - the entity you applied to for an electronic signature.
  3. Select the type of device you want to use from the list of tokens.
  4. In the appropriate field enter the password for access to the private key.