Private key password (QES)

How to change the private key password?

To change the password of the private key you need:

  1. Download "means of qualified electronic signature or seal -" IIT User CSK-1;
  2. In the "Personal key" tab, select "Change private key protection password";
  3. In the new window, you must specify the current password, specify the new password below and repeat it again. Then click "Edit". It is worth noting that the password to the private key is changed only for the qualified electronic signature or seal the path to which you specified. If you have copies of the electronic key, please note that the password to them will remain the same.

What are the actions in case of loss of a private key or password to it?

The password to the qualified electronic signature or seal is not recoverable, as it is known only to the user. In case of loss, damage of the personal key or loss of the password to it, it is necessary to address to the Provider that issued a certificate of QES to you, having submitted at the same time the application for change of the status of the qualified certificate, and a new package of documents to receive the service.